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AI Home Tech is a leading smart lock company with AI-supported keyless locks.

Safe Installation.

Smart locks are our bread and butter here at AI Home Tech.  We are skilled at installing smart locks of all types for different occasions and in different settings.

In-store and online purchase.

Get the best smart locks from the comfort of your home or in stores next to you. AI Home Tech offers both in-store and online smart lock sales.

Warranty on products purchased.

Buy our products with full confidence.Whether online or in stores, our trusted warranty has you covered.

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Smart Locks, Padlock AIHT- G1

The future of smart locks at your fingertip

Keys? Who needs keys? All you need is your finger. AI Home Tech brings the future of smart locks to your doorstep with easy-to-use and AI-powered technology for personalized access. We integrate innovative features and futuristic designs into our products with formidable security protocols.


Best of AI technology

Step up the security of your home, office, motorcycle, bike, and priced assets with the best of AI technology.  From passcode locks, fingerprint locks, smart padlocks to touchscreen smart locks, we have a range of options for every setting.
fingerprint smart door lock

Unlimited features.

Enjoy the best of electronic security smart locks with remote access features and wireless connectivity. Our keyless door locks are compatible with your existing security framework. We have some of the best keyless door locks for Google homes and Ring doorbells, including user code limit options.

Smart security on your mobile device

Take control of what happens around you with our remote access security keyless locks. Our smart locks let you control the locks, grant or deny entry to whomever, anywhere you are on your mobile device. With our AIHT smart locks, you can see and also be notified of any trespassing in real-time.

Smart lock technology experts.

Get secured with leading industry smart lock technology experts. AI Home Tech doesn’t just focus on smart locks; we are experts at it! We also specialize in installing, recommending suitable types, and giving expert advice on the proper use and maintenance of smart locks.

Matchless customer support.

Security is a 24 hour, 7 days week responsibility. At AI Home Tech, we provide around-the-clock customer support for our clients. We are available to answer your questions and help you troubleshoot any issues regarding the working condition of your security gadgets.

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What We Offer?


Here at AI Home Tech, we focus on providing you with the very best locks, emphasis on technology, craftsmanship, and security.


We Provide High Quality , Advance and Brilliant AI Home Tech Which Will Save Your Valuable Time, Money and Energy


OUR PRODUCTS aren’t just another AI smart Lock or biometric Tech, We Provide Quality Tech Which is Tested on each and every level before reaching to you.

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At AI Home Tech we believe there is a better way of unlocking doors.  A more secure and easier way where people can easily open their doors, without having to rummage through their bags or pockets looking for keys.

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