• No keys or combinations

To keep your home safe, you never have to worry about inserting the wrong keys or forgetting these tricky combinations! In this fast and busy life, time is money. You can save it when you enter your home using Bluetooth technology. These smart door locks allow you to unlock the door directly on your smartphone!

  • Allows remote access sharing.

The smart lock is easy to operate and share. Smart Lock lets you easily share or revoke access to your children or guests from the office in real time! Control everything with just the touch of a smartphone!

  • Provides real-time monitoring!

Smart locks are also a better option than traditional locks because they allow real-time monitoring of lock activities and transactions. You can also access the lock record history, which shows the lock’s previous transactions. This way you can evaluate them to analyze your security.

  • Allows you to schedule access.

You also get some special features to help you manage your lock even better.

Some smart locks, allow you to schedule or set an access time so you don’t have to worry about revoking access when you’re done. This type of feature, which allows you to customize access and its properties, make sure that no one is abusing the access.

There are many other benefits and features of a smart lock that help maintain household security. Smart homes are quick and fast to accept people around the world. At a time when technology and lifestyle are changing at lightning speed, a compatible device is always a better option. These electronic entrance locks are highly compatible in a smart home environment. Because these locks are wireless and work with wireless technology, they also work during power outages.

At AI Home Solutions, we focus on solving global consumer security issues and have come up with the bluetooth door locks for home. Now our products are ready for all home needs!