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5 Best Features Of Electronic Door Lock You Must Try

Electronic door lock is advantaged with a bunch of features that are included in the lock in order to protect and secure a place with an apposite manner. The features are assembled in a way so that nothing remains unorganized in the smart lock. It helps us to use the features without any hassle. It is made smooth and flexible for the users to use it through an app or just using any device. People do not need a graduation degree or pre-primary schooling to learn this. People must try out these features to explore a new world of lock. In case they don’t know about these features, these are briefly discussed below.

Electronic Door Lock: Explore The Features

An electronic door lock has a bunch of features. Among those maximum features are very conventional and a few number features are uncommon. These uncommon features are what make a smart entry lock exceptional than a conventional lock. This article portrays the uncommon or exceptional features of an electronic door lock.

1. Fingerprint sensor

Smart entry lock includes a fingerprint sensor in it. Using this option you can easily unlock your door just using your thumb or other fingers. You just need to verify your finger as an authorized one and the rest is up to the lock. You can check AIHT-360A for better understanding.

2. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Unlock

Smart lock also includes a bluetooth and Wi-Fi feature. Users will be able to unlock their device using these options. They just need a smartphone connected under the same network.
For bluetooth, people will need to pair their smart devices with the smart entry lock and then they can easily unlock the door commanding it through bluetooth. For Wi-Fi, people need to keep themselves connected under the same network and then they can unlock the door with authentic authorization. For more clarification, check out AIHT-360, one of the best sellers of our shop.

3. Smart Device App

Electronic door lock introduces an app to control it from far away. You just need to install the related app for the lock and connect it to the lock. Then you can control your smart lock from anywhere at any time without any hassle and with just a click. Through this app, you will get notification on the status of the lock.

Suppose, if the door is not locked, you can click on a command to lock the door and it will work instantly. Or if anything goes wrong at your place the app will notify you and you take necessary steps to secure your place however you want. Visit our shop to a get a comprehensive idea.

4. Blackbox

Blackbox is a special part of a smart entry lock. This is a box shaped layer on the lock that is of black color, and this is why the name is black box. It is an electromagnetic field on an electronic door lock. The blackbox is made in a way that if any unknown person or criminal tries to break your lock they will attempt to break the blackbox first. And when they will try they will have an unwanted shock by that electrified field.

Even if they don’t try to break the blackbox first, they cannot enter without breaking it. So, when they come to that part, they are gonna get that disturbance at any cost. In the meantime you will be notified about the situation going on at your place. This is how the blackbox secure your place. AIHT-G1 can clear your confusions about blackbox.

To Conclude

With a lot of features and functionalities, an electronic door lock is an organized, safe and modern locking device that works like a watchdog who barks a lot to the unknowns and admires the owners or the regular persons. People should understand these features and how it works. If they understand these features they will surely be convinced enough to convert their conventional lock to an electronic door lock in order to secure their friends, family, assets and themselves as well. Visit our store before time runs out. Choose your product from our shop and have a tension free life. Order now and get delivered faster. Visit our Facebook page to get regular updates.

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