AI-based Home Automation

Home Automation System

Home Automation System

When you are home, your light illuminates the room; when you are gone, the light stops by detecting your motion. When you are far from home, you want your cc cameras to monitor each corner of your house and record the data. You should use your mobile to control the activities at your home. This involvement of smart technology in the home to keep control of your house and saves energy is called home automation.  

  • Home automation refers to the automatic system to operate all the electrical and electronics with a technology-based operating system within the home.
  • The automation combines both hardware and software to have digital control over your house.
  • A home with automation can also be called a smart home as it contains smart technology and innovation. 
  • If you install a computer for any thermal control or ventilation and even air conditioning system is considered home automation.
  • Digitally controlling your home access with smart technology is also a part of home automation. 

Home Automation System

How does it work? 

There are 3 basic steps for home automation. 

  1. Monitoring: with this step, one can monitor and check a certain task remotely with the help of an app. One can see live view of their doorway using smart home security system. 
  2. Control: With this step, you can control what you want to monitor and how much do you want to see. You can also pan the camera or rotate it according to our own needs. Be it your entrance, or a vault room, you can control the access with a smart lock and other smart security tools.
  3. Automation: After monitoring and setting control, your automation is set for detection and action. When something violates the program, the siren will go off and the security camera will capture the unwanted movement through motion and smart settings. 

The control of home automation system:

The control of home automation is through two controllers. 

  • Mobile Apps: There are plenty of applications to get control over your system. These applications are mobile-based. Mobile-based applications are mostly preferred as a user can use mobile with ease and in the shortest time possible. It is easier to have control over anything with a mobile having internet. The best part is, these applications allow you to control the settings in real time. You can also set up a schedule for your app to follow your command. For example, you can put a smart lock in your home and set a schedule for your smart lock to unlock the door by the time you decide on the settings. 

Home Automation Technology

  • Voice Detection: Voice assistance is another element of the smart home security system. You can use your voice to control the security devices which makes it more accurate as well as easier to use the automation. You can attach your smart devices with the voice assistants like Alexa, google assistant or siri etc. These voice assistants are important for confirming that the movement in your house is not unwanted. Whether disarming your security system or giving permission to a setting, voice detection is effective. Even, it can help you to unlock your door when you arrive at home as you speak to open up the door and the door opens automatically. 

Home Automation Feature

How do they connect?

These IoT devices connect through the internet and a common media to connect with each other. 

  • The most common control protocol is WiFi to connect the devices together. With the availability of internet, WiFi connects the devices all together and performs the harmony of the smart system as a whole. 
  • If you don’t have internet, you can use another wireless technology called Z-wave where you can transfer data from one device to another on low power. 
  • ZigBee is another user-friendly, low-powered technology to connect devices. It is based on IP Address that shares data with each other in cloud. 
  • Another wireless mess technology is Bluetooth with which people can easily connect IoT-based devices. 


Any great thing takes time to happen. Installing home automation is almost the same. It is a whole system to work on but you can always start with a small feature. Just try with installing a smart light or a smart lock for your main door and give yourself the taste of technology in your home. With so many options in the market to introduce smart home automation, AI home solution is one of the most popular to users for maintaining a safe and convenient living standard. You can find them in your nearest shop and online as well.

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