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In-home fast delivery is happening

In-home fast delivery is happening

Smart locks can grant convenient access to more than just your friends, family and neighbors. An Amazon Key kit includes the Amazon Cloud Cam and compatible smart lock for in-home fast delivery of all your Prime packages. Current smart lock choices include models from Kwikset, Yale and Schlage. You can check out the options on Amazon’s Key site. 

We sat down with August CEO Jason Johnson to discuss what’s on the horizon for smart locks and in-home delivery. If the idea of someone unlocking your door to deliver a package makes you nervous, you’re not alone. Companies pioneering this territory are well aware of consumer resistance. But, if the thought of packages delivered inside your home safe from would-be thieves and mother nature appeals to you, August, Yale, Schlage and Kwikset are likely to have the most in-home fast delivery compatible locks, at least for now.

A final note

As we mentioned earlier, a smart lock doesn’t necessarily equal a safer lock. If you’re skeptical of the whole smart home thing and are unsure about a lock that’s linked over Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or another protocol, this sort of product definitely isn’t for you and that’s OK. And if you’re ever going to unlock your door with voice commands, you should absolutely use a PIN. 

With smart locks, it’s really all about adding a small convenience to your daily life. They can make getting into your house easier when your arms are full and your keys are out of reach. They can also save you a trip the hardware store to have a key made for a new roommate or having to rush home on your lunch break to let in a service professional. 

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In the end, there’s no right answer in terms of the model you should buy, but considering key details (see what I did there?) like if you want to keep your keys, what connection method lines up with your smart home, and what, if any, third-party devices you’d like your lock to work with — will help you narrow down your options so you can quickly find the right smart lock for you.

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