Bicycle thefts occur in the United States at a staggering rate. On average, close to 200,000 bicycles are reported stolen each year, however, most bike thefts do not get reported. Also, most people who have a bike stolen are not likely to replace it. Many bike thefts happen through cutting, not lock picking. At AI Home Tech, we have several different products available to help alleviate bike theft.

Smart Locks for Your Bicycle and Motorcycle

Try some of our different locks designed especially for bicycle and motorcycle owners:

  • AIHT-CHAIN10: This is a smart cable lock that is unlockable through a fingerprint and also has a 1-meter cable.
  • AIHT-U5: This U-lock features fingerprint unlocking and is very difficult to penetrate with bolt cutters.
  • AIHT-V2: This bag features a fingerprint unlocking mechanism to secure personal effects and valuables when you are traveling on your bike or motorcycle.

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