Businesses are at risk of theft if they do not have adequate locks or security systems. According to research, the most common types of business that are at risk of property theft are banks, grocery stores, convenience stores, jewelry stores, and gun shops. The very thought of secure locks and alarms will deter about 60% of burglars. Moreover, 50% of burglaries happen at businesses that do not have adequate smart locks. Also, 1 in 8 burglars will pick a lock to gain entry. With AI Home Tech, our locks utilize fingerprint, smartphone, and keypad mechanisms to unlock, removing the ability of the burglar to pick the lock.

Smart Locks To Give You Peace of Mind as a Business Owner

We have several different locks to help you keep your business secure:

  • Keyless Entry Locks: Our AIHT-X1, AIHT-360, and AIHT-360A feature a keypad, fingerprint mechanism, and smartphone interface for unlocking.
  • Padlocks: Our AIHT-GF30 and AIHT-G1 are true smart padlocks. Not only can you unlock these with a stored fingerprint or smartphone, you can also check an app to see the status of the lock.
  • Cable Lock: The AIHT-CHAIN10 stores a fingerprint and features a 1-meter cable for secure unlocking.

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