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Are you exhausted to find a simple yet reliable solution to lock your bedroom door? Want to take advantage of keyless access and biometric authentication’s conveniences? If yes, visit AI Home Solution to view our collection of fingerprint door lock for bedroom. We provide high-quality biometric keyless entry door locks and competitive pricing that are simple to set up, use, and maintain. Your fingerprint, a passcode, an app, a card, or a key may all be used to access your door. Additionally, you may remotely give access codes to members of your family, close friends, or visitors.

Businesses are at risk of theft if they do not have adequate locks or security systems. According to research, the most common types of business that are at risk of property theft are banks, grocery stores, convenience stores, jewelry stores, and gun shops. The very thought of secure locks and alarms will deter about 60% of burglars. Moreover, 50% of burglaries happen at businesses that do not have adequate smart locks. Also, 1 in 8 burglars will pick a lock to gain entry. With AI Home Tech, our locks utilize fingerprint, smartphone, and keypad mechanisms to unlock, removing the ability of the burglar to pick the lock.

Our smart locks make it easy to secure your home. We carry several different lines of smart locks for home security, including:

  • Fingerprint Door Lock AIHT-X1: You can use this smart lock to secure the doorways of your home and garage. This smart lock has a keypad, but can also be unlocked via your smartphone or with a fingerprint.
  • Smart-Padlock AIHT-G1: This padlock is revolutionary, as it can be unlocked with your fingerprint or smartphone. You can also see whether or not it is locked with your smartphone and can easily recharge it with a USB port.
  • Bike Chain Lock AIHT-CHAIN10: This lock features a 1-meter cable and can be unlocked with your stored fingerprint. This lock can be used to secure fences.

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