Home security is one of the most important pressing issues that is always on our mind. In the United States, there is a burglary almost every fifteen seconds. Moreover, the monetary loss from burglaries averages between $2,000 and $3,000 according to different sources. Also, the average burglary does not take that long. The average burglary happens within eight to ten minutes. Home security does not just stop with having locks on your doors; we also carry locks to secure your outbuildings and fences.

The Latest In Smart Locks

Our smart locks make it easy to secure your home. We carry several different lines of smart locks for home security, including:

  • AIHT-X1: You can use this smart lock to secure the doorways of your home and garage. This smart lock has a keypad, but can also be unlocked via your smartphone or with a fingerprint.
  • AIHT-G1: This padlock is revolutionary, as it can be unlocked with your fingerprint or smartphone. You can also see whether or not it is locked with your smartphone and can easily recharge it with a USB port.
  • AIHT-CHAIN10: This lock features a 1-meter cable and can be unlocked with your stored fingerprint. This lock can be used to secure fences.

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