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You can finally relax with our top-notch lock for a scooter, smart padlock or electric scooter lock. This smart padlock is made of high-quality materials and provides sturdy protection in all weather, keeping your priceless ride safe and secure. On the other hand, the lock for an electronic scooters has a sophisticated locking system that is crucial for preventing theft. Both devices are portable, ideal for urban settings, and easy to handle. Enjoy relaxed rides knowing that we have your possessions covered. Today, choose wisely for your cherished rides. Maximize safety, and reduce anxiety.

Keeping your personal effects safe when you are on the go should be a priority. Cash is the most common forms of theft, followed by vehicle parts, clothing, tools, and electronics. Also, most cases of theft are never solved; in fact, only around 20% of theft cases were solved in the United States in 2005. At AI Home Tech, we have several different locks to help you secure your personal effects when you are on the go. Whether you are looking to secure your construction tools or make sure a work locker is safe, AI Home Tech has everything you need.

Our smart locks make it easy to secure your home. We carry several different lines of smart locks for home security, including:

  • Fingerprint Door Lock AIHT-X1: You can use this smart lock to secure the doorways of your home and garage. This smart lock has a keypad, but can also be unlocked via your smartphone or with a fingerprint.
  • Smart-Padlock AIHT-G1: This padlock is revolutionary, as it can be unlocked with your fingerprint or smartphone. You can also see whether or not it is locked with your smartphone and can easily recharge it with a USB port.
  • Bike Chain Lock AIHT-CHAIN10: This lock features a 1-meter cable and can be unlocked with your stored fingerprint. This lock can be used to secure fences.

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