With our dynamic combo of backpacks—the daily backpack and the 16-inch backpack—enter your everyday routine. These backpacks are the ideal fusion of practicality and design because they were made to resist daily commotion.

The 16-inch backpack, which does not exceed the typical measurements of 16x16x8, is a dependable companion for students, workers who commute to work, and travelers. This roomy bag can fit all necessities, including books, computers, and outdoor equipment.

Meet the everyday backpack; it’s equally adaptable, mate. This bag has plenty of space for your daily necessities and is made to withstand the rigors of regular use. Its easy-access pockets make organizing simple, whether carrying goods for a picnic, exercise gear, or work-related items.

These backpacks provide convenience, sturdiness, and easy central access to all your essentials. By purchasing them, you’re purchasing bags and committing to a lifetime of travel companionship. Today, simplify your trips with our superb selection of AI HOME‘s backpacks.

More exploration, less anxiety

Our smart locks make it easy to secure your home. We carry several different lines of smart locks for home security, including:

  • Fingerprint Door Lock AIHT-X1: You can use this smart lock to secure the doorways of your home and garage. This smart lock has a keypad, but can also be unlocked via your smartphone or with a fingerprint.
  • Smart-Padlock AIHT-G1: This padlock is revolutionary, as it can be unlocked with your fingerprint or smartphone. You can also see whether or not it is locked with your smartphone and can easily recharge it with a USB port.
  • Bike Chain Lock AIHT-CHAIN10: This lock features a 1-meter cable and can be unlocked with your stored fingerprint. This lock can be used to secure fences.

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