Welcome to AI Home Tech. We are the leading provider of smart locks for homes, businesses, and more. Did you know that in 2019, more than 7.0 million smart locks were sold globally? AI Home Tech strives to keep people, properties, and livelihoods safe. Smart locks can help prevent:


On average, there is a burglary in the United States almost every 15 seconds.

Monetary Loss

The average loss from a burglary is nearly $3,000.


People worry about burglaries more than any other crime.

Our smart locking products are revolutionary. We provide you with locks that can be unlocked with your fingerprint, smartphone, and even feature remote key sharing.

Peace of Mind For Every Occasion

AI Home Tech has locks for every security situation. Here are some of the product categories that may benefit your home our business:

Home Smart Locks

Our home smart locks can work for any situation. The AIHT-X1 is unlockable with a keypad and your fingerprint. We also have cable locks and a padlock that can secure outbuildings and fences around your property.

Business Smart Locks

Secure your business with our keypad locks, cable locks, and smart locks without ever needing a key.

Locks for When You Are On The Go

If you are going to be securing your personal effects in a locker, we have several different padlocks and a u-lock that can be unlocked with a fingerprint.

Secure Your Bikes and Motorcycles

Our cable locks and u-locks can secure your bike. We even have a backpack that can be unlocked with your fingerprint.

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