Our Upgraded AIHT-GS30 fingerprint luggage, locker and on the go lock can store 20 fingerprints (register 2 fingerprint for the first time) per padlock, which are directly managed within your thumbprint padlock. Intelligent algorithm are adopted to optimize the speed and accuracy of fingerprint identifications. We recommend you to set up 2 to 3 prints for different fingers and keep them clean and dry to get best read.


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Are you still using password padlock or mechanical lock? Our smart fingerprint padlock features with fingerprint recognition to unlock/lock within 0.5s. No need to keep extra keys or remember a combination password. You can connect smart padlock with tuya app by Bluetooth to register fingerprints to unlock, and you can also authorize your friends or relatives to unlock through APP.

Features of AIHT-GS30:
  • 0.5S speed unlocks
  • 20 Fingerprint can be stored
  • USB charging interface
  • A full charge can provide 3000 switch lock operationsprodcut-imageprodcut-image%smart lock%%smart lock%%smart lock%
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