Keyless Fingerprint Door Lock AIHT-X1

  • Multiple Entry Options: This home security door lock offers 4 different options for access, including fingerprint, password, pass card and mechanical key
  • Ideal Solution for Businesses: It’s simple to add and delete users on the electronic home keyless fingerprint door lock with remote management for hotel guests, vacation renters, maintenance and delivery professionals and more
  • Long Standby: Powered by 4xAAA batteries, the smart door lock has low power design, with a normal battery life of up to 1 year; a low battery alarm notifies you when it’s time to replace
  • Premium Construction: Made of high-quality zinc alloy, the electronic entry door lock is resilient and reliable; it’s waterproof and moisture-proof and tested for resistance to high temperatures, vibration, aging and more
  • Sleek and Elegant Design: The fingerprint door lock’s brushed black finish is modern and simple to blend with virtually any building



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AI Home is introducing an innovative Keyless Fingerprint Door Lock: the epitome of home security and convenience. This high-tech lock uses advanced biometrics to recognize authorized users within seconds. Integration with smart home systems allows remote access control while its weatherproof and pickproof design ensures top-notch security. The lock also features Wi-Fi connectivity for automatic locking when the door is closed. Privacy is prioritized with local fingerprint data storage. This keyless fingerprint door lock is easily installable, can store multiple fingerprints and even allows temporary access codes for high-traffic points, truly redefining door security for homes and businesses alike.


Features of Keyless Fingerprint Door Lock AIHT-X1

  • Semiconductor fingerprint Head
  • Four NO. 7 Batteries
  • <0.5S Identification speed
  • Aluminum Alloy
  • -20 to 60 ̊Working temperature digit
  • Pure brass lock core
  • 4-8 digit password
  • Fingerprint 100
  • Password + Swipe card + Fingerprint 200 Keys 2.

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