Sliding Door Smart Lock AIHT-360(WIFI Only)

  • Never Get Locked Out Again: The electronic sliding door smart lock offers 4 different entrance methods, including password, TTLock app, fingerprint and IC card
  • Secure Your Space: The multi-cylinder deadbolt mechanism on this digital home lock only moves when activated by an approved device; it’s among the most effective lock types to prevent unwanted entrants and tampering
  • Responsive and Accurate: The biometric fingerprint smart door lock fingerprint system uses premium semiconductors to provide exceptional accuracy and fast response times; open your door in seconds
  • Convenient Remote Access: Thanks to compatibility with the TTLock App, this wifi security door lock operates wherever you are via your smartphone; generate passcodes and change passcodes remotely


Availability: 48 in stock (can be backordered)

About Sliding Door Smart Lock AIHT-360:

Keep your home, office, or storage and data facility secure with the AI Home Tech Biometric Sliding Door Smart Lock. It rapidly scans fingerprints for quick and easy unlocking and also accepts numeric passwords and RFID cards. AIHT-360 home lock has space for multiple passwords, fingerprints, and card IDs, allowing for setting up multiple authorized users. You can also download the app to your mobile phone and unlock it from anywhere. The app even lets you check the logs of the fingerprint door lock so you can track attendance and see who has accessed the lock and when. The sliding door smart lock gives off a sound when opened but can be set to silent mode if desired. Keep passwords secure with virtual password entry, adding extra digits to the beginning or end of the sequence. The WiFi security sliding door smart lock is battery-powered, unlocking approximately 5,000 times before new batteries are needed.
  • Biometric door lock can be unlocked with a numeric password, IC card, fingerprint scan, or with the mobile app, allowing for unlocking from anywhere, granting access to yourself or to others
  • Digital home lock supports virtual password entry for added security and keeping passwords confidential
  • Apple and Android-compatible App keeps time and date-stamped records of entries with a user name and unlocking method, useful for maintaining security and tracking workplace attendance
  • Set the fingerprint door lock to silent mode, preventing it from giving off audible tones when unlocked
  • Passage mode keeps the WiF sliding door lock unlocked at all times to allow free and open access to space
  • With low power consumption, a smart door lock opens approximately 5,000 times before needing replacement batteries (4xAA)

Features of AIHT-360

Pure Brass Lock Core, Working Temperature-20~60˚C


  • Fingerprints
  • Passwords
  • Magnetic card
  • Temporary password, APP unlock, (WIFI optional)
  • Keys and pure brass lock core