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  • Secure and Convenient: Never worry about losing your key or forgetting passwords; your finger is the key with this fingerprint cable lock, and it only takes 1 second to unlock it
  • Premium Battery Design: With no Bluetooth or App accessibility, the keyless bicycle lock has lower power consumption, so you’re never left without power; it boasts a long standby time and up to 3000 lock/unlock cycles before recharging is necessary
  • Sturdy Construction: The fingerprint bike lock’s PVC rubber sleeve covered steel cable and the 6061 aluminum alloy lock body are strong enough to support long term use
  • Versatile Applications: With a 39.4″ flexible cable, this bicycle cable lock works for single or multiple bikes; it’s also good for securing motorcycles, lawn equipment, gates and more
  • All-Weather Suitable: This certified IP66 waterproof bike lock is fully submergible and safe to use in indoors or out, no matter the weather


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About Smart Bike Lock- AIHT-CHAIN10:

Keep your belongings safe with help from the Fingerprint Smart Bike Lock. It’s a simple way to stop worrying about losing keys or forgetting combinations since it opens with your fingerprint. The anti-theft bike lock’s biometric sensors are based on the fact that every human has an entirely unique set of fingerprints. A high-resolution fingerprint module with an artificial intelligence fingerprint algorithm registers and responds in less than 1 second. This smart bike lock stores up to 15 different fingerprints, so it’s worthwhile chains for locking for multi-user settings such as families. This item prevents tampering thanks to its steel cable covered in PVC rubber, 6061 aluminum alloy lock body and an alloy steel lock head. The generous length of the cable enhances versatility, allowing you to secure one or more bikes, a fence, lawn equipment, a motorcycle and more. An ultra-large battery offers up to 3000 lock/unlock cycles, with a lengthy standby capacity. It conserves energy because it doesn’t rely on Bluetooth or an external App. Monitor charge status via a panel on the fingerprint bike lock, and charge it with ease using the USB charging interface. This smart bike lock is suitable for use indoors and out thanks to an IP66 waterproof rating.

Material: 6061 Aluminum Alloy
Color: Black
Number of Fingerprints Saved: 20
Power Supply: Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
Working Voltage: 2.5-4.2V
Standby Time: 24 Months (About 8000 Times)
Waterproof Performance: IP66 (Dust proof & Strong water spray proof)
Drop Test: Fell from two meters high does not affect unlocking.
Application: Bicycle, Motorbike, Two-door Glass/Iron Cabinet, etc.
Lock body: 6.4*3.3*2.5cm / 2.52*1.3*0.98in
Length of Wire Rope: 1m/39.37in
Product Weight: 335g / 11.82oz
Package Size: 19.5*15*5.7cm / 7.68*5.91*2.24in
Package Weight: 433g / 15.27oz

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