AIHT-X2 Smart Lock For Thick Doors

  • Ultra-Secure: Featuring a resilient deadbolt locking mechanism, this smart lock for thick doors is a simple way to guard against unwanted entrants; a smart input panel recognizes the right code, even when it’s in a larger series to deter potential criminals and keep your password private
  • Ultra-Convenient: Users can choose from 5 different entrance options on this anti-theft door lock, including App unlock, fingerprint unlock, password unlock, IC card unlock and mechanical key unlock
  • Accurate and Sensitive: The biometric fingerprint door lock’s highly-sensitive semiconductor 3D fingerprint sensor boasts a FAR < 0.001% and a FRR < 0.01%; identification speed is less than 0.5 seconds
  • High-Vis Panel: The backlit password keyboard allows you to find your touch keypad lock and unlock with ease, even in the dark
  • Customizable Configuration: Add remote management with the addition of a gateway (available separately); adjust the opening direction by adjusting the screws behind the password and WiFi-Enabled Smart Locks for Thick Doors lock.


Availability: 46 in stock (can be backordered)

Our top-notch smart locks, which are made for thick doors, will help you unlock the future of home security. In addition to giving you easy access to your house, these cutting-edge technical jewels also provide increased security. Use biometrics or smartphone control to enter your home instead of worrying about keys. View the collection of latest, trustworthy, and durable smart lock for thick doors we provide. You should always keep in mind that a WiFi-Enabled Smart Locks for Thick Doors is only as secure as its lock.

Features of smart lock for thick doors AIHT-X2

  • Semiconductor fingerprint identification
  • encryption IC card anti- copy
  • APP time password on mobile phone
  • Bluetooth open at a click
  • A variety of patterns
  • support computer side management,
    No fear of small black box security
  • Double emergency insurance (micro USB charging)
    support computer side management
  • Remotely send password to open the door, remote authorization of app users, unlock record stored locally

Front: 250*135*60
Rear: 250*48*21
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