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4 Misconception About Smart Entry Lock You Should Clarify

Smart Entry Lock

Smart entry lock is an uprising device in this modern and advanced world. It has started getting value by a little portion of the market and it will gradually but surely take over the market of smart lock. But people are still confused about the concept of smart door lock and so, at the end of the day, they don’t want to buy thinking it as an extra hassle in their life. These confusions arise from the misconceptions they get or they have about a smart entry lock.

Clearing these confusions is mandatory to understand the pros or advantages of these locks and how better it is than conventional manual system locks. This article focuses on the misconceptions created by mass people that arise confusions in people that push them back from converting their home lock system to a smart entry lock.

Smart Entry Lock: Clarify Misconceptions

Before clarifying the misconceptions it is must to know what smart lock is. Smart door lock is an electronic device that can work by itself based on your commands. It can be set up on your preferred door to over protect your assets and households. Following misconceptions must be cleared to be convinced enough to buy a smart entry lock for your place.

1. Difficult Installation Process

People think a smart lock is difficult to install on a door and it takes a lot of time to set it up. But these locks take as few times as manual locks take. It may take up to one hour and minimum of 30 minutes for installation. But the installation is very easy. Some locks need totally new sets that come with the lock to install. But, maximum locks can be installed using existing deadbolts. Check AIHT-X1 for better understanding.

2. Hacking

Another misconception about the smart entry lock is that these locks can be hacked very easily. Users can keep themselves connected to the device for all the time with just a wireless connection. If the devices are under the same internet connection, then the owner can control the lock using Wi-Fi.

If the user is at a distant place from their place where they had set up the lock, they can easily control the lock from those places using the application that is provided for the lock. There is a very low chance to hack the device as the connection is protected with an encryption layer and authorized users will have the access of constant monitoring. AIHT-X2 can clear your confusion about hacking.

3. In case of a lost smartphone, connected to the lock

If you lose your smartphone that is connected to the lock or from where the lock is accessible and where users get all the notifications or updates about the smart lock. You are most of the time allowed to log in from other devices using your password and change the password and other details including your locks’ pattern instantly. If you forget your password or if the option doesn’t work then you are always welcomed by the customer care to contact them and get a new pin for your smart door lock. Check our products to know in detail.

4. In Case of Power Outages

When the electricity is down or off in your area, then the smart entry lock won’t work and this is nothing but a myth. Every smart lock has a battery that remains active always. During the power outage, the battery starts to work and remains active until the charge is finished. So, there is nothing to be tensed about that your smart door lock will work even during the power outages. You can look into AIHT-G1 to know comprehensively.

To Conclude

Smart entry lock is a great necessity these days. This ensures the security of life and assets of people. To push the people towards smart lock, the misconceptions or myths must be clarified so that they can be tension free and confusion free. If they understand how hassle free smart door lock is they will surely go for this. You can check our store for a variety of options. So, clarify your confusion and choose wisely from our shop. Order now to get delivered faster. Visit our Facebook page for regular updates.

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