smart lock security solutions

Smart lock is a mechanical security system that can be operated from a smart device. It simply requires authorization to connect the device and get access to a place. Smart locks are convenient to use and structurally not far different from manual locks. Rather it comes with extra features that help to secure a home, office, or other places excellently and get relaxation from anxiety about the security. There are several options to unlock a smart door lock, such as fingerprint, passcode, even sometimes a key is used to unlock. One of the most unique features that some smart locks come with is that it shows the face of the person who is in front of the door when they thumb the bell. Overall, it is unique in design, but comfortable to use and also satisfactory about security.

Smart Lock: Making Your Life Easy

The growing modern world pushes everyone to secure their future with skills, success, and earnings. Everyone looks for opportunities around them. Therefore, no one can stay at home for their home security. On the other hand, manual locks don’t ever give relaxation to the habitants. Hence, there is no option left other than smart entry locks. Smart door locks are, nowadays, an integral part of human lives to keep a frivolous life. Thinking about a home, there are dreams, struggles, and passions of a person in every object. There is no way to keep an alternative. In order to secure these struggles or the earned successes, one needs to be concerned enough and therefore, they choose to have a smart lock that can not be accessed easily by strangers. This concern determines how important smart lock is in our life and also states why we should have it.

Best Smart Lock Available Out There

At present, there are several options of smart lock in the market. But one needs to choose wisely to get the best smart lock in order to secure their home or other places where they think they need it. Exemplifying, AIHT 360A and AIHT X2 are very good and reliable security solutions in terms of appropriating the safety of the home.

Talking about AIHT 360A Smart Lock, it has the following features

AIHT-360A smart lock

  • This smart entry lock can be locked inside to ensure inside-out protection.
  • The door can be unlocked with the fingerprint of the authorized person and it will take half of a second to detect the fingerprint.
  • One can unlock the door with a magnetic card that comes with the lock, and the virtual passcode is an additional feature of this smart door lock to unlock a door.
  • The thing that makes it the best smart security lock is its push-notification feature where the authorized owner will be notified about the door or the lock and people can control the lock from that app.

AIHT X2 is another great product. It has the following features

AIHT-X2 smart lock

  • This lock is praised for its quicker, faster, and accurate fingerprint detection.
  • One can unlock the door in various ways, such as dynamic passcode, Bluetooth, WiFi connection, IC card, etc.
  • Additionally, it comes with a spare key to open in emergency situations and a micro USB to charge the lock.
  • It is protected with an electromagnetic cover that restricts the opening of the black box.

To Conclude

There are other best smart locks available in the market. Make sure you choose the best option, rather than looking for a cheap one. When Security is the concern, we never compromise. AI Home Solution offers smart door locks for you. Express delivery is also available. To order visit our store and grab your products.  You can also contact us for any queries and get support.  Visit our Facebook page