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Smart Locks Are Must In 2023 To Protect Your Home And Garage

Smart Locks Are Must In 2023 To Protect Your Home And Garage

Life has become more accessible as a result of technological developments. Suddenly, you can use voice commands or smartphone applications, or smart locks to turn off lights, lock doors, and more. When you walk up to your door in a bright house, it automatically opens and locks behind you. Decorating your new place is undoubtedly more enjoyable than installing security measures. However, a robbery occurs every 30 seconds, so home security should be a primary priority.

You can get back to having fun when your home is safe or protected. Some essential things to secure a home, i.e., add hidden cameras at your garage and home, ensure the doors, locks the windows, set up a security system, eliminate hiding places, use home automation, etc. 

Secure the doors:

Don’t assist a thief in entering through the front door (34% of them do!). Inspect all of your external doors to ensure that the door frames are sturdy, the hinges are secure, and that no one can reach through the mail hole to unlock the door.

Change the door locks if you’re moving into a house in which people lived previously. You won’t have to worry about outsiders having a key to your property, and you’ll be able to ensure that your locks are the best on the market.

Here are some fast upgrades that we propose for securing these critical entrances.

  • Install smart locks on the smart door lock
  • Upgrade your locks to smart locks.
  • With a video doorbell, you can increase your security, etc.

Lock the windows:

Robbers usually enter through doors and windows. Manufacturer window locks aren’t always reliable, and they may be plain weak at times. If you don’t like the look of your window locks, add locks or key-operated switches to improve security. You don’t have to stop there, though.

We offer a few more suggestions for making your windows burglar-proof.

  • Window security film used to reinforce the glass.
  • Install window or glass break sensors.
  • Add Window bars.
  • Prickly shrubs should plant behind first-floor windows.

House Automation:

If you’ve been considering converting your ordinary house into a smart home, one strategic competitiveness to do so is security. Lights, door locks, security cameras, smoke alarms, and other safety equipment may all be controlled remotely with home automation. You can receive real-time warnings regarding suspicious activities, allowing you to react swiftly and stop would-be robbers.

Here are a few of our favorite methods to improve security using home automation.

  • When you go on holiday, schedule the lights to turn on and off.
  • Use an intelligent doorbell to scare away doorstep robbers with two-way communication.
  • When someone walks up to your street, you’ll get a direct video feed.
  • From your smartphone, you can check on a smoke or CO alarm and deactivate false alerts.


Garage Protection:

Criminals are increasingly using garage entrance points to get access to your house. Even if they can’t get into your home, there’s a high possibility you have plenty of valuables in the garage. Make a habit of locking all garage doors, both inside and outside.

You might want to keep your garage door opener in the home as well. That way, a thief won’t be able to take it from your automobile. Also, if you use a security code to access the garage, keep it hidden and never give it out to delivery people, neighbors, or others.

Here are a few additional simple methods to keep your garage safe.

  • Replace your old garage door opener with a smart garage door opener.
  • To keep the goods inside, cover the windows.
  • Also, use extra locks to secure garage doors.
  • Never leave the garage door open again with home automation.

Add security cameras:

You’ve probably heard the news about thieves getting caught on video and arrested. Cameras are one home security option that serves as a deterrent and a method of obtaining justice. You may purchase security cameras as part of a comprehensive home security system or purchase stand-alone cameras.

Take a look at some of our additional must-have features:

  • Detection of movement
  • Night Vision
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • For outdoor cameras, weatherproof housing is available, etc.

Eliminate hiding places:

Trees and shrubs provide beauty to your home, but they can provide a hiding spot for criminals. Remove trees and plants near your home that may utilize for the cover. Instead, use smaller blooms and shrubs. Remove any trees that are close to windows or strengthen those windows with extra security.

Don’t forget about the rest of your home’s exterior. Follow these best practices to keep everything secure.

  • Put inside stools and ladders from your home.
  • Gates, sheds, and other exterior structures should all be locked.
  • Leave no valuables on display in the yard to entice burglars.
  • Even if you don’t have a security system, add security signs and stickers.


So, set up all these things in your home. You can secure your home and garage from robbery and other crimes by putting a simple smart lock.

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