Smart Home Security System

Smart security system is mainly a digital security system by taking advantage of the internet and technology. With a smart security system, one can remotely control the security of space. This AI-based security system can be used in any space you want to keep an eye on. One of the popular use of smart security systems is smart home security systems. This AI home security helps you to watch over your place remotely from anywhere around the world. All you need is the internet to operate the system.

Smart home security is your top-notch solution if you want to trace your home activity, keep an eye on the movements, entry, or any unusual behavior inside and around the home. AI home security system not only monitors space security but also sends alerts even when disarmed.

How does it work?

Smart home solution gives you the opportunity to shift your physical tasks virtually by making a software based solution rather than hardware. It offers to multitask by utilizing the maximum use of time simultaneously in different sectors. It keeps a record of everything so that you can keep track.
It is an IoT-based system where this smart technology uses the internet to connect the networks of the system and device. IoT refers to the Internet of Things which is the core element in smart home security systems. The devices send signals in the system and communicate with each other through IoT by using RFID and other wireless features. You can even take everything under control while traveling with the help of IoT-based technology.

Why smart home security?

  • To keep the property and the family member safe inside the house even when you are absent.
  • To keep the house away from unwanted home invasion, burglary or any natural and environmental disaster instantly.
  • To keep track of the activity inside the house remotely
  • To make communication and connection easy
  • To keep track of your private vehicles like motorbikes, cars, etc.
  • To keep your important asset protected and under your supervision 24×7

ai home solution in 2022

You can use a smart security system in given locations of your house:

Entry points: You can apply the AI-based home solution in all the access points like main doors, windows from outside, hallways, entry roads, and other high circulation areas.
Public and semi-public spaces: you can put the smart security system in the spaces where outsiders and guests have access. Living, hallway, dining, work studio, etc.
Sensitive areas: You can implement AI home solutions in fire-prone areas like the kitchen, fireplace, etc.
Private spaces: spaces, where you have your important documents and assets, need to be protected. Those spaces need special surveillance and for that, the smart security system is the best choice.
Private Transportation: You can also use smart home security solutions in your car, bike, and personal vehicles you want to monitor throughout the entire day.

Where to Find?

There is plenty of smart home solution companies that can provide smart security service. AI home solution is my personal favorite as they give the best service in terms of security and services.

How does an AI home solution provide the best service:

Their service deals with 3 major components:

  1. Secured Installation: Their skilled installation process keeps it professional with reliable hands. Be it a permanent installation or a temporary, occasional installation, their smart home solution gives the best outcome. 
  2. Easy to purchase: You can purchase your smart locks from home in online or from the shop next door. It offers you both online delivery and spot purchase. Visit their website through to give a look at their smart AI home solution products and to have a quick online purchase.
  3. Service and Warranty: You will have a warranty on any product that you purchase. You can find any kind of service regarding smart home security from them. 

One of the most popular products of AI home solutions is their Smart Home Lock. It brings you the best IoT-based home lock that can detect any certain movement or unknown appearance and informs you right away. Be it your family member, relative, your kids coming home from school, or a salesman knocking on your door, you will not be unaware of any arrival even if you are far away from home. 

AIHT-360A smart lock
AIHT360A measurements

Smart Door Lock features:

  • Fingerprint/ RFID access provision
  • Remote safety code settings
  • Special permission code for occasional arrival 
  • Time-based access
  • One-time access for one-time arrival (for delivery/ maid/ security guard, etc.)


Your house becomes cleaver through the installation of a smart security system.  Once you start using it, you can realize the true blessing of modern technology right at the palm of your hand. Just with the availability of the internet, you can get the whole security system of your family under control.